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AIOU CMS Portal an Overview



The Allama Iqbal Open University has taken a lead by formulating a "Digital Transformation Policy" which is a flagship initiative aimed at digitizing the learning material for improving the learning experience of the learner and along with involves carrying out an end-to-end automation of all university processes. AIOU is the first university in the public sector to have this integrated automated suite of applications to automate all academic, administrative, and financial processes. 

The two main paradigms shifts in digital journey are:

The ERP and CMS portal:

The AIOU CMS Portal; itself is basically an oracle integrated database system with people soft front GUI. This application is one of the best market solution for the educational enterprises. The AIOU with this digital transformation are now in implementation phase of this system. And almost 90% of this implementation has been done. And system is fully operational at following URL globally.


CMS/ERP For AIOU Employees

This system has been implemented in all the departments of AIOU including ICT, admissions, examinations , treasury and regional levels. Now the AIOU officials are performing their daily works on CMS/ERP, so gradually they are moving up to this fully integrated and centralized campus management system (CMS) while quitting all the legacy systems like de centralized web applications and desktop oracle 6i.

Meanwhile they are in transformation phase, students are also facing lots of issues regarding their admissions, results and other related operations. But with the passage of time these will be minimized. 

CMS for Students

The dashboard system has been provided to all the students. The students can now easily manage their activities/operations using this system. Following options have been provided at student’s dashboards:

URL to access AIOU CMS portal;


The login :

Student can use his/her registration number as a login ID


Last 2 characters of name with last 4 digits of registration number

Issue in login

If anyone facing problems in logging in he/she can submit their complaints online at :


The CMS portal student's dashboard an overview:

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1. Academic Records

My Tutors: Allocated tutors for your assignment evaluation.

-View un-official Transcript: To check or download your unofficial transcript/DMC. A computer generated copy of your result card is available here.

However, sometime this service may be down/disabled so you can request through support portal for the access of this option so that you can view your results card/status online. Please note that If this card is graded with final grades you can assume that your result card will be dispatched sooner; and if it is not graded fully or showing 'in complete' it means you are not marked as passed out and you may need to request for your DMC/Transcript using standard procedure by applying for degree online using 'students service requests' or by hard copy form submission:

AIOU Degree Form


2. Profile

Your personal profile available in AIOU records, if you find any information wrong you may contact AIOU admissions department to update the same or you can also submit online complain at: support portal.

3. Campus Personal Info

Student Personal Information are available under this tile.

4. Course Registration

To enroll you into new semester you may use this option, remember the AIOU has changed their reappear policy from Spring 2022 to onward, now every fail student has to re-enroll in every semester to continue their academic session.

Also the AIOU has announced maximum timelines for the completion of academic program. So using this option you can register your courses to a new semester. Try to consult your prospectus to make met your exact course requirements for the completion of your degree/program.


6. Exam and Grades

From this section students can see their semester wise/complete history results. Please note that from autumn 21 to onward you can see your component marks with final grade before autumn 21 only final grade will be shown. 

The history of the students is also available at link:


In case the CMS portal is down, you can also see your results at the following link:


My Exam Schedule: Under the same tile student have the option of viewing/downloading the roll no slip online. You just need to give required inputs like program, semester and registration number and your exam schedule will be shown online. This copy is also valid to appear in exams centers.

5. My financial Account

Your account and financial history or outstanding dues are shown here

6. Student Service Requests

This is where you can apply online in following categories:

  • Apply for Financial Aid / Scholarship
  • Refund of fee
  • Other Fee Challan/Invoice
  • Correction in personal information

All these are major categories a student can request to university departments to get any related services online.

While choosing 'other fee challan/Invoice' you have further options of online applications as:

  • Certificate/Diploma/Degree Fee – Ordinary
  • Certificate/Diploma/Degree Fee – Urgent
  • Certificate/Diploma/Degree Fee – Duplicate
  • Triplicate Certificate/Diploma/Degree Fee
  • Correction in Transcript/Certificate/Degree Fee
  • Verification of Transcript/Certificate/Diploma/Degree Fee
  • Course Change Fee
  • Change of Examination Center
  • Re-checking of Answer Scripts

Similarly all above mentioned categories are related to other online requests,

You may further proceed with your requests with attachments and application in comment section for the required services, after submitting this request a challan form must be downloaded/printed to be paid to ABL/other bank for fee processing. So after submitting this fee come back and add this challan copy to previously generated request for further processing of your application. Please note that without due challan attachment your application will be turned down and will not be entertained. 

Then note down the 'service request number' and peruse accordingly, you may also see response of the officials using the same request thread after.


For guidelines please download Service request Guidelines available at Home screen of Student service request option.


This is one of the key step of AIOU for student support services and towards paper less environment, now student can request for any service online with attachments and get quick responses from the AIOU officials.

7. Mailing and books Tracking

From this tile you can track your books if hardcopies dispatched.

Some of the misc. features like notifications and alerts will be available soon

8. Degree & transcript Tracking

You can track your degree dispatch status using this option. You can also track your case using the Degree tracking system link at:



There are a number of groups, channels and social media campaigns, especially on Facebook, YouTube, twitter and Whatsapp are involved in spreading and misleading fake materials, assignment solutions, fake paper guesses and lots of other operations related to Degree issuance, assignment solution, fake paper guesses, exams schedules, degree verification of AIOU, which further leading towards financial and immoral ills. So please avoid all such social media channels and pages, for any information use authentic web sources from official web site of AIOU.


AIOU is the one of the re-known university of Pakistan, it is famous for his distance learning education system from secondary level to all post graduate programs including PHD. With the passage of time the university has change its traditional education system to an online Blended learning education system, as a student you must be updated with all the online tools of AIOU, so that you can get maximum fruits of an open and distance learning education system.

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